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What are Compression Socks?

What are Compression Socks?​

Whether you’re about to scale Mount Everest or complete a double shift at the hospital, Lily Trotters compression socks are the support you need. Not only do they reduce the fatigue you feel in your legs and feet which help on endurance runs or long days standing, but they also speed up muscle recovery to get your legs ready faster for their next workout.

Our compression socks are designed with comfort in mind. Our graduated compression strategically applies specific levels of compression to targeted points of your feet, ankles, and calves where pain is most common; keeping you feeling energised all day.

This construction design not only makes Lily Trotters the best sports companion for athletic and active people but also the best choice of compression socks for elderly people.

Gone are the days where you’re put out of commission for a day because you’ve pushed your body too far. Our compression socks help to speed up muscle recovery and reduce fatigue in your legs and feet, so you can push and get the most out of every workout.

Lily Trotters are here to support your every stride, with style, performance, and comfort. 

Why Lily Trotters?

While most compression socks brands feel too tight and can be perceived as uncomfortable, Lily Trotters comes to the rescue with extremely comfortable, durable and stylish, compression socks that can be worn all day.

Not only do our compression socks for women come in a huge range of cute colours, fashionable styles, and exciting patterns, we also ensure that each specially designed pair Lily Trotters works for all body types and that they provide unparalleled levels of comfort and style for those who need to wear them for longer periods of time.

This comfort comes in the form of our soft, pliable, comfort-weave, which helps to support your legs when running, traveling - especially flying - sitting and standing for long periods, during and after pregnancy, and to maintain vein health. Now, you can run or fly for longer periods in confidence, knowing that your socks have your comfort demands covered.

They are a fantastic solution to speed up muscle recovery in your legs after completing a morning 5k or any exercise. Contrary to traditional boring compression socks with uninspiring designs, Lily Trotters prides itself on fun compression socks to enable you to finally show off your style and personality while wearing compression.

No longer do you have to worry about cramps and swelling on, or after, your run. By optimising the movements of your calf muscles, wearing compression socks means that your legs won’t have to put in as much effort when you run.

The Benefits of Lily Trotters’ Compression Socks for YOU.

Our fantastic socks aren’t all about design, they are also built-to-perform! With USA-tested and approved 15-20 mmHg true graduated compression, Lily Trotters are constructed with cushioned heels, reinforced toes, moisture-wicking and antimicrobial finishes. These key features keep your legs and feet dry, odor-free in durable socks built marathon-strong. Style, fashion, and color are hard to find in the compression sock market, whether you need compression socks for sports enhancement, or you need them for medical reasons, why should you have to have dull and boring looking socks? We want you to be able to look stylish, feel supported and cool with our selection of fun compression socks for ALL.

Strength & Comfort Throughout the Day.

Did you know that the ideal strength of a compression sock is 15-20 mmHg? This strength is all you need for the everyday parts of life - to enhance athletic performance, accelerate muscle recovery, reduce swelling during travel, and even just for everyday wear. Lily Trotters combines comfort and style with durability and hygienic properties. Our socks are built-to-perform, featuring anti-microbial moisture-wicking finishes to keep your feet dry and odour-free for everyday wear.

Easier to Put on & Take Off.

Our socks also feature a handy proprietary weave, making them easier to put on and take off when compared to other compression socks on the market! This is a huge benefit for anyone who has experienced ‘the wrestle’ with other commercially available compression socks resulting in broken nails, and even injuries. Our 1500+ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews attesting to the comfort and performance of our compression socks for themselves.

Styles & Designs for Women & Occasion.

When it comes to fashion, Lily Trotters offer unparalleled levels of flexibility. With a material that is sturdy yet thinner than other athletic brands, they fit into dress shoes, boots, and sneakers with ease. Not only that, but they’re also available in a huge variety of colours, patterns, styles, and sizes to better suit your particular style.

We want every woman to be able to feel confident in what they wear. Choices beyond thick, bland athletic socks and plain Jane compression socks are finally here. Whether you’re looking for compression socks for petite women or plus-size women, Lily Trotters are compression socks women love. You can strut your stuff without compromise.

How Does Graduated Compression Work?

Within the compression sock, the graduated compression technology begins with a slight squeeze at the foot, with the tightest compression being at the ankle. This is followed by a decreased, very specifically, and carefully measured squeeze moving up the remainder of the leg.

True graduated compression provides a good blood flow toward the heart, rather than letting your blood trickle and pool at the bottom of your ankles and feet - this even includes superficial veins. The benefit of this upward circulation forces blood to return and be oxygenated in the heart and lungs more efficiently than without the assistance of compression.

Compression socks also help to reduce the diameter of your major veins, resulting in an increased velocity and volume of blood flow. The pressure felt by compression socks is attributed to many factors, including the elasticity and stiffness of the compression material, the size and shape of our legs, and our movements and activities. This results in an increase in blood oxygen levels which will allow an enhanced athletic performance, assistance in muscle recovery, as well as simply leaving your legs feeling fresher and more energised than without the help of our compression socks.

Quality Compression Socks for People Who Love Sports.

Whether you want a reliable sports companion to join you for your next 5k, or Ultramarathon, or you simply want unparalleled comfort on your next long-haul flight, a marathon shift at the hospital, endless days sitting at your desk, or standing for hours, Lily Trotters is right by your side. Providing speedy muscle recovery and keeping your legs comfortable whenever you need them. Why not grab a pair of Lily Trotters compression socks for men and women and try them yourself and be unstoppable?

Guide to care:

Lily Trotters proprietary weave is manufactured on state of the art knitting machines using the finest quality micro nylon.

93% Nylon

7%  Spandex

Made (with love) in the U.S.A

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