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Lily Trotters: where birds of ALL feathers, flock together.

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Lily Trotters Ambassadors NZ - aka FLOCK NZ -  is a diverse group of #unstoppable people of all ages, races, genders and body shapes.

A mix of elite athletes and weekend warriors from any sport. Influencers, adventurers, healthcare workers, mums, dads - all active people who wear Lily Trotters Compression to help themselves live their best life.

Our NZ FLOCK is not afraid to get their hands (or feet) dirty and they love looking good while doing it!

Sarah - Jane Bell


Hi, I'm Sarah-Jane, from the town of Palmerston North, where I live with my husband and our cheeky cat, Annabell.

I'm passionate about mental health and all round well-being after experiencing burnout in 2011. 

I love the health benefits my Lily Trotters provide as I have a fairly sedentary job as an accounting contractor. Most days you'll find me on a walkway rocking a colourful matchy matchy ensemble for my daily walk. I find the colours are a great mood lifter and often help me to get out of the house on cold/rainy days.

You can follow me on Instagram @essiejanebell

Heather McDonald


Kia ora, I’m Heather, from Wellington. I love to run trails and hills, whether it’s with friends or my dog Astro. And I’m a big fan of the uplifting power of bright activewear.

Ultramarathons are my jam – the longer and tougher, the better! Endurance running has helped me push boundaries, develop resilience and nurture my mental health and wellbeing. We are capable of more than we think.

I’m excited to join the Flock. I wear Lily Trotters while running (they look great with skirts) and for recovery. My legs definitely thank me for it. Plus, I love the funky colours and patterns. Why blend in when you can stand out? Embrace your fabulous, vibrant self… life’s too short to wear things that don’t bring you joy.

Follow my colourful adventures on Instagram @heatherwgtn 

Michelle Rennie


Hi I'm Michelle!

A Gizzy gal who loves to adventure! I have two active, crazy little boys Jakob & Mason, and a hunting mad hubby. We own a honey company & a fitness business. I run group fitness classes, organise a Trail Run series, do one on one personal training & have recently started working in Oncology Wellness.

I feel so blessed that I get to do what I love daily!

These days I just love getting out in the elements for adventures with my tribe. I used to be a full time athlete competing in Triathlons & Cycling. My sport has taken me all around the World, competing in World Championships, Commonwealth & Olympic Games.

I am stoked to be representing this amazing brand & to be a part of Lily Trotters - Flock NZ. 

You can follow me @thecardiocoach on facebook

J.J Sharrock


Kia ora, I'm JJ from Porirua, Wellington, where I live with my hubstar.

I lead an active and healthy lifestyle which I enjoy and it’s just the way I roll. You’ll often see me swimming, biking, running road and trails with trail being the fave. You may also see me climbing and dancing around a pole, and spinning in a lyra hoop and then there’s the partner acro antics I get up to all which I love to do.

Super stoked and blessed to join the Lily Trotters - Flock NZ Whānau. I’ve been wearing Lily Trotters for around a couple years and totes love them. I wear them for pretty much everything I do these days. I even often wear them to bed. Loads of reasons to love them…not only are they a good compression sock, they have a awesome colour and pattern range, super comfy and they support diversity with their pride range…..they’ll even brighten up your day.


Come follow me over at Instagram @nzshajas

rosie r.jpg

Rosie Roams

Hey I'm Rosie Roams, an untamed adventurer & wild woman of the mountains.

You're most likely to find me yahooing out roaming on the trails, running ultras, fastpacking & discovering incredible places. Crampons & an ice axe in hand, crawling over a timing mat in an 100 miler ultra, on crutches from my latest antics, under waterfalls in winter, in a bivvy bag next to a mountain tarn, dancing on ridge tops, naked handstands on mountain summits or doing mum life of 5 kids.

My passion is encouraging people out of their comforts zones & into the magic zone. To adventure & connect with the earth & do epic shit! And to never ever give up! 

My gear needs to perform during epic missions high in the mountains, cos my life & survival often depends on it. Lily Trotter Compression Socks are the shiz. Not only do they look badass AF, with a side of princess, they laugh at rocks, cuddle your calves, & keep u banging all day! Your legs hate ya for the abuse but love you for doing it in these epic socks!


Come adventure and do epic shit with me in badass sox on instagram @rosie__roams

Maria Amos

Kia ora! My name is Maria and I'm based in Christchurch, where I live with my fella, stepson & rascally cat.

Five years ago I sustained a head injury whilst snowboarding which changed my life completely. I went from training for my first marathon to only being able to manage short walks.

While my active lifestyle will never quite be the same I am so thrilled to finally be back running, albeit at a much slower pace and only when my body allows it. I love getting out in the Port Hills with my fella and my goal this year is to complete the Crater Rim 21km Ultra. I am also a regular volunteer and sometimes runner at Hagley parkrun and this year stepped into the Run Director role. 

I started wearing Lily Trotters after pulling a calf muscle in January. My physio gave me an ugly beige compression sock to wear and I decided that I could do better! I find them so helpful in holding my niggly calf in place as well as overall leg health. Bye bye restless leg syndrome at night! I love the bright colours and firmly believe that the first things you put on each day should be colourful.

I am so stoked to be part of the Flock NZ and repping the coolest socks ever!


You can follow me on instagram @kiwi.ree


Leonie De Garnham

Kia ora, I’m Leonie, from Lower Hutt, Wellington, where I live with my husband and 2 children.

I run my own personal training and coaching business and feel lucky to be able to help others move their bodies and get to share in their exercise & health journey.

I love being able to move my body and feel a great sense of power in what our bodies can do for us. My jam is running, cycling, swimming and lifting heaving things at the gym. My new love is hitting the trails and being out in nature.

I started wearing Lily Trotters about 18 months ago following ongoing achilles problems. A coach suggested I try compression socks. I was stoked to find compression socks that not only had wicked colours and designs, but they perform and wear to a high standard, no getting holes in these babies after a day on the trails.

I’m stoked to be a part of Lily Trotters – Flock NZ. Lily’s aren’t just socks, they lift you up and make you feel next level wearing them.

You can follow me on Instagram

Katrina Walter

Hi, I'm Kat from Tawa, Wellington.

 Work is in front of a computer all day, so I love to get out in the lunch break to stretch the legs, and then again in the weekends to explore our great outdoors.

My thing is trail running which I only started 10 years ago, and have met some amazing peeps along the way out in the local trails or at some of NZ’s amazing running events.  

But best of all, it's getting out there in the weekends either hiking or running with my awesome running sisters.   

I look back at my memories that pop up on facebook and see how boring we used to be with our black shorts and compressions, I mean no colour whatsoever!!  Then one of my running sisters bought some Lily Trotter compression socks, to match with her gorgeous skirts and tops.  I had to change!!!

I got my first pair of Lily T's 2 years ago, but that was only the beginning.  It is so cool to be able to represent this amazing brand and be a part of the Lily Trotters Flock.  Not only are they the coolest socks out there, they are soooo much comfier than what I wore before and I have noticed lately with the weather being so damn wet, they keep you toasty warm no matter what your legs are facing or sitting in!  Man those rivers are like ICE! 


Come say hi if you see me out on the trails or come follow me on Instagram @hey_kat_run  


Stephen Bates


Hey I'm Stephen! Dad, husband and keen trail runner based in the Northern Suburbs of Wellington. Originally from Scotland, we came to NZ in 2009 to see what this side of the world had to offer and have never looked back. I have always had a love for the outdoors and gravitated towards running as a way to stay fit. I didn't discover trail running until the birth of my first child where limited time meant I had to visit the hills and forests as quick as possible! 

Trail running for me now is all about the adventure, the fun and the community (and when I am lucky enough my kids sometimes join me). 

Lily Trotters are a standard part of my go to training and race kit and have never let me down. Having been on my feet for so many km’s I am excited to join the FlockNZ and help bring more colour to the trails one step at a time. 


You can find photos of my adventures on Instagram @run_fraggle_run 

Hania Aitken


My name is Hania and Im a personal trainer with a passion for all things colourful, active, and competitive, esp OCR (obstacle course racing) 


Together with with my crazy wonderful whanau (hubby Kyle and 4 children) we live at an adventure centre right by the Tongariro National Park in the Central North Island. 


When I first started competing, I had all sorts of blister issues and muscular injuries. I realised that socks really do matter! I discovered Lilytrotters at a pre marathon expo, and it was love at first foot hug. I wore them straight away on race day with no regrets. We were meant to be a thing. The way they fit is amazing, and the colour pop just takes them to the next level. 


I’m so excited to be part of the flock and help other feet into the happiest place for all their active, and recovery needs. 


You can join me in all manner of adventure on Insta at @extraordinarynormal 


Lana Hamerton


Hey there, I am Lana from Waihi. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by epic trails and beautiful NZ Coast. You will find me somewhere between the mountains and the beach, any chance I can get! 

I love running and the challenges it can bring when I set myself the next big goal. Running has helped me push myself beyond what I ever thought I was capable of, this is a feeling I encourage everyone to get out and try to experience… 

To set a goal and chase that dream! 

You will never regret the work it takes to get there and that feeling at the end when you achieve what you set out to do will make it all worth it. 

I choose to chase my goals in comfort, which is why I love Lily Trotters. After a bad experience of calf spasms and cramping during a long run one day, I invested in my first pair of Lily Trotters and haven't looked back. My calves have been happy with me ever since too. They are not only supportive and great for recovery, they brighten up any outfit with their funky, colourful designs. 

I'm stoked to represent this awesome brand you can follow me, chasing my goals in colour and comfort on instagram @l.h.a.m.e.r

Jamie Calder


Hi, I'm Jamie,

I used to run cross country at school but stopped when I got more serious about rugby, skateboarding and pies.

I got back in to running in 2011 with my first of three marathons completed in Afghanistan. In 2012 I was hit by injury. I got back in to running again in 2015 and completed my third marathon in Dubai but tweaked something that then required removal of 1/3 of my right patellar tendon in 2017. Almost a year later I decided to teach my body who's boss and completed the inaugural 'Ring of Fire' and that started my ultra-running  journey. Trialling different socks I have found Lily Trotters to provide lots of comfort while the sweet range of colours mean I'm easy to find at the side of the trail.

A combo of my pride crew socks and OTC PINK socks were just the thing for finally completing the  TUM Miler 2023.

See my adventures on Instagram @begbienz1978

katie p.jpg

Katie Peters


Ko Te Aroha te maunga

Ko Waihou te awa

Ko Tīkapa te moana

Ko Paeahi te marae

Ko Ngāti Paeahi te hapū

Ko Ngāti Hako te iwi

No Paeroa ōku tūpuna

Nō Papaioea tāku kāinga ināianei

Ko Katie ahau


My name is Katie and I am a proud wahine Māori. Palmerston North is where I currently call home, where I live with my ultra runner hubby and our lil runner boy (and crazy Daisy dog). Those who run together have fun together. Trail running is my jam, being out in the taiao, and I have met some amazing people over the years of our whānau being involved in the trail running community. Lily Trotters make the experience so much better - not only do they add me some colour and sparkle (as I do like standing out a bit when I can) but with ongoing calf and ankle tendon issues, they are awesome at helping me not only get through my training sessions but recovery also. I do not look like your typical runner, and am currently a back-of-the-packer. But everyday I am showing up and being my impossible, setting goals and working towards them, reminding myself how strong I am.

Hey guys & gals in NZ and Australia...are you interested in becoming a part of our FLOCK?

Apply to join the FLOCK and come find respite on our lily pad - where we can all float above the murkiness of life, enjoy our leg ((hugs)) and simply breathe and be. 


Lily Trotters FLOCK Ambassadors Agree To:

  • Be an authentic brand advocate for our products both online and off-line.

  • Actively engage in campaigns and with our social accounts (like, follow, comment and share Lily Trotters posts, sales etc.)

  • Be willing to share your love for Lily Trotters Compression Socks on your social media accounts (must have public account) - minimum of 2 posts per month sharing your unique 15% discount code & tagging @lilytrotters_nz_aus

  •  Using hashtags: #lilytrottersnzaus #lovemylilytrotters  #LilyTrottersFlock #LiveLikeLily #beunstoppable

Program Benefits may include a mix of the following and will be determined on an individual basis: 

  • 30% discount for personal use

  • 15% shareable unique discount for followers 

  • Free socks for active ambassadors with new collections or designs at our discretion

  • Profile bio on

  • Being a part of a badass brand and a growing community of like minded badass Lily lovers! 

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